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Appliance Repair Pasadena is appliance installation and repair service that can help you with any appliance problem!
If you looking for a good appliance service in Pasadena area and its surroundings, we can easily help you!
Our technicians are experienced and well trained; they will help you with any appliance repair un Pasadena!
We know what actually every of our customers need and will prove you that our appliance service is your best option in case of appliance repair in Pasadena CA. We will fully satisfy you with high quality of provided work!
We are working at day and night and will easily repair anything you want!

Appliance Repair Pasadena

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About Us Appliance Repair Pasadena

We are working in this field since 1999 and start as appliance repair Pasadena company, so we know what actually every customer. We are providing customer-friendly service that means our managers will be polite and patiently answer any questions you may have. Our service well known already. We want to grow up and will be happy to provide our service for new customer!

We’re always reading all feedback reviews because we want maximally update quality of our service. Our technicians checked by time and tests. They know, how to repair any appliance you can have, no matter what brand and model you have. Our appliance repair in Pasadena CA will help you with your dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, ice maker, freezer, cook top, dryer or any heating and cooling system!

If you’re looking for a good appliance repair service in Pasadena, CA, we will be your perfect service!

Appliance Repair Services in Pasadena, California

Refrigerator Repair

Freezer Repair

Ice Maker Repair

Refrigerator, Freezer repair in Pasadena

Something happened with your refrigerator and it stopped cooling or started leaking

Maybe you feeling that it is cooling not as good as when it was new?

Even if something happened and it started working with more loud sound then often, we are highly recommend our professional help.

We know how important working refrigerator can be for you and your family and we will not calm down until it will start working like a new!

Refrigerator repair is not easiest task, but our technicians will be glad to face with any problem inside of it and fix it as fast as it possible. Be sure, that if you will hire our technicians in case of refrigerator repair they will fix it in shortest possible time and for a low price!

High quality and neatness guaranteed! We also can provide repair of your ice maker or freezer if you have any problems with it. No matter what brand and model of your cooling system you have, our specialists have all equipment they need to work with any model of your refrigerator, freezer or ice maker.

Oven Repair

Stove Repair

Range Repair

Stove Oven Range repair in Pasadena

We can take care about any oven you can have!

We will repair electrical or gas wall oven, small oven or cooktop. We know that your oven or range that you have is main part of your kitchen, so we can provide very fast repair service for it!

If you have unusual problem with your oven, like, for example, gas leak, do not panic and call us!

We have a special emergency service that will arrive to you within a hour after your call and will repair your damaged tube. You can call and hire our technician to provide your cooking appliance repair even in the middle of the night!

We will provide qualitative and efficient repair service for your kitchen appliance in Pasadena, CA.

Washing Machine Repair

If your washing machine started leaking, knocking, stopped spinning, or started working in bad way, Pasadena Appliance Repair will easily help you!

We are working with broken washing machines for more than 15 years and really know how to fix any issue in it for a short time and low price. Our specialists will arrive with all equipment they need and neatly will take your washing machine apart. If our worker will damage something during repair, we will give you all money back, because we are carrying about our customers more than about money.

We also can provide commercial maintenance and repair if you have a couple of washing machines that needs maintenance. In our repairs, we are using the best details and can guarantee you that detail installed by us will work for minimum 5 years without any problem in your washing machine! Call us and check it out by yourself!

Dishwasher Repair

Dishwasher Repair in Pasadena, California

If your dishwasher stopped working properly or started leaking, our service can help you!

Hire us and describe your problem and our technicians will arrive and repair it as fast as it possible!

We can work with any type of dishwasher you can have. Our technicians are knowledgeable enough to provide fast and efficient repair of any brand and model of dishwasher. Do not go back to the 20 century, you must not clean your dishes by your hands!

Just call us now and our technician will came to your house and fix it for a low price!

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If you need to repair appliance that is not in this list, please call to our manager and he will say can we fix it or not. Our manager will consult you free.